Professional Experience


Poly (FOrmerly Plantronics / Polycom)                                                         2019 - Present

Director of UC Strategy and Research

Responsibilities include Internally: help the Plantronics / Polycom team formulate and collaboratively drive the company’s collaboration strategy. Externally: represent the team, provide a conduit for customers to communicate market and user needs, and help customers, analysts and the media truly understand the value of collaboration solutions.



DImension Data Americas, New York, NY                                                                       2011 - 2019

Analyst / Principal Consultant, Collaboration / Video / Multimedia / AV

Responsibilities include providing technical and operational guidance and strategy to multiple organizations; Designing systems and solutions that promote effective collaboration; Supporting and assisting the Digital Workplace team; Creating strategic presentations for delivery to clients; Providing “thought leadership” in unified communications via blogs, articles and appearances at industry events.  Providing go-to-market advice and support for select collaboration manufacturers and service providers.



J.P.Morgan Chase & Company, New York, NY, USA– London, UK               2008 - 2011

Vice President, Global Multimedia and Support Services

Responsible for the implementation and management the world’s largest commercial Cisco immersive TelePresence ecosystem. Developed and deployed a fully interoperable unified communications environment, allowing direct-dial video connections between endpoints at desktop PCs, video conference rooms, executive desktop appliances and Cisco TelePresence rooms. Designed and implemented an HD “Desktop Telepresence” system relied-upon by the firm’s senior management and operating committee. Coordinated the vendor selection and management process. Managed the Global Multimedia and Support Services Implementation team in the Global Services Organization.

  • Grew a four system proof of concept TelePresence deployment to just under 200 systems in two years, contributing to a nearly 50% reduction in travel expenses during that period.
  • Built a support organization and developed the required technologies and processes to allow visual collaboration across multiple, disparate systems and products.  Enabled firm leadership to leverage Business to Business TelePresence from their offices and originate global streaming content from any video device.



Lehman Brothers, New York, NY, USA – London, UK – Tokyo, Japan                              2002 - 2008

Vice President, Director of Global Multimedia Engineering

Responsible for the strategic direction, development and implementation of global enterprise multimedia systems, including life cycle management of media and broadcast equipment and facilities and the design of interoperable video conference systems serving desktop, room and telepresence environments.  Manage processes of vendor selection and standards enforcement in production, engineering and operations. Facilitate close coordination between Corporate Communications, Facilities Management, Corporate Services, Information Technology and the firm’s business units with centers in New York, London, Tokyo and Mumbai, ensuring provision of reliable and appropriate services. Annual budget of $10M in management of media infrastructure valued at more than $80M.  (Joined the firm shortly after Morgan Stanley sold the 745 7th Avenue building to Lehman Brothers.)

  • Developed Multimedia Services engineering from original base of AV technicians. Selected key vendors and developed global quality standards and implementation procedures. Internal training and staff development allowed firm to reduce reliance on outsourced technicians.
  • Researched and integrated emerging technologies into existing systems and processes, streamlining and improving business practices.  This enabled the firm to reduce overlap and operational expenses and leverage cutting edge systems to meet client needs.
  • Developed global management systems for all HQ and branch multimedia and conferencing facilities.  Achieved five nines reliability facilitating firm decision to geographically decentralize senior management.
  • Designed and developed major multimedia installations (production studios, distribution systems, control facilities, auditoriums, and conferencing facilities) throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia.  Fully conversant with process of premises construction and interior fit-out from design concept to day one operation.  Internal expertise greatly reduced reliance on external consultants and ensured firm obtained benefits as outlined in project charter.
  • Designed and maintained digital signage and content delivery systems both internally and at large public display venues such as Times Square, NY and Canary Wharf, UK. This technology provided the firm with a unique method to deliver branded content while retaining total control over message.



Morgan Stanley, New York, NY                                                                           2000-2002

Director of Multimedia Engineering

Responsible for the design, implementation and operations of television, radio and audio/visual facilities. Key team player in the coordination of activities into new media technologies. Oversight of all local and international teleconferencing and coordination of outsourced service providers. Annual budget of $8.5M in management of media infrastructure valued at more than $50M.

  • Designed, implemented and managed audio/visual and teleconferencing systems (including television and radio facilities) for the build out of a new headquarters facility at 745 7th Avenue in NY. Provision of internal expertise allowed full liaison with key business unit managers and ensured that facilitieshad appropriate functionality and fell within the agreed budget.
  • Research and integration of new technologies into existing systems, operational cutover of new systems into live environment. Planning and the coordinated staging of new services and functionality preserved the integrity of operation and avoided loss of business as a result of unplanned outages.
  • Development and streamlining of systems to remotely manage small and medium sized media facilities across the enterprise.  Technology and process allowed staff to be re-directed to business unit functions while reducing need for outsourced technicians. Costs savings of $244k realized in first year.
  • Design authority for all global multimedia technical projects, chair of regular internal Multimedia Technology Review Board.  Ensured that all multimedia projects were sponsored and aligned with business unit needs.
  • Led the negotiation and execution of global equipment and service agreements, leveraging firm buying power to reduce expenditures in outlying regional locations. 



Bloomberg L.P., New York, NY                                                                                             1995-2000

Director of Broadcast Engineering and Operations                                      

Responsible for all television and radio technical operations including the production of news programming for broadcast and cable, network affiliates, internet live and streaming multimedia, and reports "on-demand".  Provided oversight of all local and international broadcast feeds and teleconferencing via satellite, public switched network and internal WAN connection.  Designed and supervised all multimedia special events and live remotes.  Coordinated facility maintenance and system upgrades

  • Developed the systems required to produce the revolutionary Bloomberg multi-screen television format. Utilized pioneering automation that allowed conventional production to be accomplished by single person or unmanned stations.  These efforts resulted in a tremendous reduction in personnel costs for broadcast television.
  • Designed and supervised construction of multiple television facilities in typical corporate offices, significantly reducing the technical and facilities costs typically experienced during the entry into broadcast television production.
  • Pioneered the establishment of the first true multimedia production stations in broadcasting.  This allowed a single story or segment to automatically and simultaneously be recorded and processed for television broadcast, radio broadcast and on-demand usage.





NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, New York, NY                                                                    1991-1995

Director of Television and Media Services                                         

Responsible for all audio, video and audio/visual operations, centralizing and modernizing procedures and equipment.  Facilitated NYU's entry into Cable Television, Distance Learning and Teleconferencing systems and technologies.  Maximized and coordinated utilization of infrastructure.  Coordinated in-house TV coverage of annual commencement ceremonies in Washington Square Park.

  • Created and implemented NYU's first centralized media services department utilizing remote automated equipment authorization and an equipment and service reservation database.  These efforts realized tremendous economies of scale.
  • Designed and built America's first self-contained, multi-building university cable television system using microwave links to cross public rights of way.  Provided cable TV service to NYU dorms for half the price that cable franchisee requested.
  • Introduced Distance Learning and Teleconferencing systems utilizing both traditional satellite technology and dial-up systems over the public switched network.
  • Developed NYU-TV, a student operated TV station that provided original programming to the NYU campus.  This programming was distributed nationally to other universities further enhancing NYU’s image as the preeminent source for culturally rich and diverse offerings.



Financial News Network, New York, NY                                                            1987-1991

Director of Engineering                                             

Responsible for hiring and supervising the technical and operations staff, coordinating live transmissions, and purchasing technical equipment and services. 

  • Designed and supervised construction of FNN's multi-format television and radio production center within New York's Rockefeller Center. Facilities included two live television production stages, four on-line interformat edit rooms, a television graphics suite, a state of the art newsroom and radio production and transmission studios.
  • Supervised technical design and production of "This Morning's Business", a 1/2 hour television program syndicated to CBS O&O television stations.
  • Filled-in as producer and/or director on many live programs when editorial and production staff were otherwise unavailable.



DAVID DANTO TELEVISION AND MEDIA SYSTEMS, New York, NY                   1985-1987,    1991-1995


Worked on a free-lance basis as a studio designer, broadcast operations consultant / trainer, cable, satellite and microwave TV system designer, and/or video / audio / communications engineer.  Clients included:


AMC *American Express * AT&T * Bloomberg Television * Charlie Rose * Court-TV * CUNY-TV / BMCC MediaCenter * Dennis Michaels Associates * EUE - Screen Gems * LRP Video Productions * MPI Productions * MTV / Viacom Networks * NBC * Nexus Video * Rowland Public Relations * Rutgers University*



Brooklyn College – City University of New York

B.A.-September 1983, Cum Laude

Television Production and Communications – Theater Production




Honors and Awards


AVIXA (formerly INFOCOMM International)   (Audio Visual Industry Organization) Fairfax, VA

Adjunct Faculty Instructor for Infocomm Academy – Appointed April 2007

Recognized by the Infocomm Board of Governors and the Professional Education and Training Committee as having provided valuable assistance in the professional development of members of the industry.

Honored as one of nine Emerging Technology Fellows – June 2017



Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, University Of Missouri

Nonresidential Fellow - Appointed 2016-2017

David Danto designed, tested and detailed new low-cost, scalable video recording and archiving systems - based on emerging technologies - for public community meetings and events. By lowering the cost and complexity he developed a guide for community journalism into the new millennium.



Enterprise Management 360

Selected as the number one UC influencer – 2018

Added to EM360tech.com Advisory Board




Selected as one of the top 100 UC Influencers – 2016



USA Today (National US Newspaper) and 10 Best

Voted by readers as one of America’s top 10 bloggers on the subject of Business Travel – 2014



CTA (Formerly Consumer Electronics Association)

Selected as CES Innovations Awards Judge - 2011, 2013, 2016 - 2018




Industry Affiliations


Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance (IMCCA), New York, NY

Director of Emerging Technologies – Elected June 2005 and continuing to serve

Member of Executive Board of non-profit industry organization that exists to facilitate and promote the use of collaborative communication technologies.    Contributor to industry publications and presenter at industry events such as InfoComm, Enterprise Connect, NAB, INTEROP, Streaming Media, CI Summit, Wainhouse Research Summit, etc.


Sound and Communications IT/AV Report, New York, NY

Editor – Appointed September 2018 and continuing to serve

David identifies, organizes and compiles articles and opinions for the twice annual Sound and Communications IT/AV Report.  (In additional to his other professional responsibilities) Testa Communications and the IMCCA have asked David to provide expert guidance and thought leadership to keep the collaboration community educated and informed about the latest trends.