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The Zone – May 2023


Why We Still Love The Twilight Zone - JSTOR Daily  I’m traveling through another dimension - a dimension not only of sight and sound and mind, but also one of international cooperation. That’s my port up ahead – Barcelona – squarely in the Schengen Zone.

As I’ve said many times in my prior blogs, I’m a domestic US travel warhorse, but an international novice (at least compared to my JoeSentMe colleagues.)  I learned something new today that many of you may already know – but I didn’t.  I believe it’s worth detailing for others that may not know.  (And it feels better to believe that I’m not the only stupid one.)

I made it to Europe a few days earlier through a driving rain.  My flight to Athens, Greece was only delayed by about an hour (as ~50% of the domestic flights this past Sunday were cancelled by the rain.)  Of course, my checked luggage arrived soaked-through with rainwater – because when United ramp workers see lightening they stop and leave everything right where it is – even if that’s in a soaking rain (but I suppose that’s another story.)  After a week of work in Athens, and hearing that my wife successfully made it to Barcelona for our cruise, I flew Aegean air to meet her.

I bid on and won an upgrade to first on this flight, but on this route / aircraft, that didn’t mean much.  It was an A320 that had an up-front section with standard coach 3-3 seating, but the center seat had a tray on it and is not used.  Whoopee – first class on Star Alliance now means they block the center seat – something any elite traveler could just ask for 20 or so years ago.  The meal service however was top notch for a 2.5 hour flight.

Landing in Barcelona I was stunned that I didn’t have to schlep to passport control as I have my past trips here (and my wife had to a day earlier.)  Flying inside the Schengen Zone meant that I could avoid that step and just go to get my checked bags.  I didn’t know this before.  I was relieved not to have to lose those 60-90 minutes in Barcelona as I have in the past (and my wife had just done.)   

Proceeding to the display to find where my bags would come out.  I was distressed that I couldn’t find a flight from Athens.  There was Newark and Paris and a ton of other international cities, but no Athens.  After about a half hour of panicking I realized I should look by flight code and number…and there it was as plain as day – “Atenas.”  I perhaps should have realized quicker to look for it in a local language, but as all the other cities seemed to be fine it took a while to dawn on me (but not nearly as long as it took for the bags to come out onto the carousel – again, another story, just don’t check bags to Barcelona if you can avoid it – they make Newark look quick.)

During my panic I was worrying that I was let out into the wrong place.  By missing passport control I must have been separated from where my bags were going.  All that worry was for nothing – according to the signpost I must have missed up-ahead I had just left Atenas and entered Barcelona – squarely in the Schengen Zone



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Also as I write this, the WHO just declared that the COVID health emergency is over.  I hope the virus pays attention and agrees.  One of my friends just posted on social media “as you were” and I commented “plus or minus a few million people.”  It was quite the episode to live through (and many are still not over it yet) but as they say, it’s better than the alternative.




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