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The Top Ten (well really six) List

The best travel experiences (so far) of 2022 – October 2022


 Top Ten Signs You "Got Stuck" with a Low Bid Pump Manufacturer - Envirep/TLCI am now home from the hospital I was in last week. My Bottom ten list from last week solicited some comments from you all about being too negative.  (I am a critic and cynic by nature – it’s the Brooklyn in me.)  However, the comments are fair and I should spend a little time highlighting the things that have gone really well in my travels so far this year.  I won’t however number them as they are in no particular order.  Here are my top six experiences around travel so far this year – with some embedded photos and links.

·    Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona – My first ever trip to Barcelona on business this year was not very well Executive Lounge Terraceplanned by me, with my only day to explore the city turning out to be when they were running their marathon, but major kudos to the Hilton Diagonal Mar there.  They totally broke the mold of the typical European hotel turning exhausted overnight arrivals away till the afternoon.  At 9am on a Saturday they welcomed me (as a Honors Diamond) with open arms, having a room ready for me along with access to the executive lounge.  They get hospitality right there.



·    La Sagrada Familia – The only Gaudí work I was able to visit was just stunning.  It is the largest unfinished Catholic Church in the world.  The streets and stores around it are a typical tourist trap, but the beauty and intricacies of the work make it a destination not to be missed.




·       Mayfair Supper Club – My wife and I accidentally stumbled into this spot at the Bellagio in Las Vegas when we were looking for an available restaurant reservation from where we could watch the fountains.  Mayfair is patterned after the supper clubs of the 1930s and 1940s, where the food is great (if not outstanding) but the reason to be there is for the performers that sing, dance, play music, hang from the ceiling sometimes and often break into a conga line around the restaurant.  It makes for a very entertaining meal.



·    Broadway – As the pandemic started to wane, many of the postponed Broadway shows started-up again.   My wife and I try to get there (using discounted tickets) as often as possible.  It was wonderful to see a number of shows as things were restarted.  If you’ve not been to Broadway in NYC lately you are missing-out on a great experience.



·    Disney’s Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge – Every once in a while the Walt Disney World team pulls out all the stops to create a major headliner experience, and this is certainly one of them.  The entire area is designed to look like a “remote frontier outpost” right out of the movies.  The embedded rides – especially “Star Wars – Rise Of The Resistance” are also not-to-be-missed experiences.



·    Carvana – Maybe an odd throw-in for my travel list, but because I mentioned car dealerships in my bottom ten list I felt it important to point out this great experience.  We needed to sell our used car, and the dealership we got the new car from was only offering us a fraction of its value as a trade in.  “Never mind” we said, we’ll sell it ourselves.  We really didn’t want to take on the effort and expense of listing the car in an ad and answering calls/emails about it.  We discovered that Carvana also buys cars.  We put all the details into their website and they made us an offer of about double what the dealership would give us for the trade.  At a dozen points in the process we were sure there was going to be some sort of bait-and-switch or gotcha (Ah-Ha!  You have a dent – the price drops 2k, etc.) but there never was.  Their person came to our house with a car carrier, did a quick inspection, had us complete some paperwork, and he handed us the check for the full amount they offered.  It is a highly recommended process if you have a car to sell.




I’ll be home resting and recovering for a little while.  My next travel will either be in mid-November or for the New Year’s Eve holiday.  For now, it’s just a matter of taking it easy and getting strong enough to put up with airline travel. 









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