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When Youíre Sick Ė August 2023


Free Sick Person Pictures, Download Free Sick Person Pictures png images, Free  ClipArts on Clipart LibrarySuddenly, in the middle of my workday yesterday, I felt sleepy and had chills. I left my home office and went upstairs to my bedroom and the trusty thermometer showed I had a 101.8 (degrees Fahrenheit) fever.That certainly put the kybosh on my plans for the day, and it may have some rolling impacts.

The next thing I did was test myself for COVID.The test was negative (as it also was negative the next morning) so itís looking like thatís not the issue.Iíll have to ride it out and see if anything gets worse.

I had planned to go to a sporting event with my family in a couple of days.Will I be well enough to go?Iím not sure.My wife has an international trip in early September and I have a domestic one at the same time.Should I be isolating at home?Masking?I really donít know.

The two things one never wants to do are 1) fly sick and 2) be away from home sick.Flying with a head cold is torture on oneís ears.Itís also unfair to the other people on the plane.I still wear a mask on a plane to protect myself and others, but itís hardly the norm anymore, and COVID infection rates from the latest variant are rising.(Thanks VERY much all you science deniers.)

When my wife caught COVID in Europe a few months ago (as most people do nowadays) she double masked for the flight home so she could be treated by her own doctors.We were very lucky her symptoms were minimal so she wasnít coughing and sneezing on the plane.But still, flying sick sucks.When she gave it to me when we were back home I jumped on the prescription for Paxlovid, and it worked wonders.

I guess the third thing no one wants to do is have their travel plans interrupted by an illness.With the load factors on airlines prevalent today one almost never can rebook at a convenient time.Thatís a bad factor in this discussion.People choose to fly sick sometimes because itís so hard to rebook.

Then of course there are the long, life changing illnesses.I had to miss a couple of events last year for some surgery and recovery, and of course thatís nothing compared to the people who are fighting long-term illnesses Ė who are struggling to make it back to Ďnormal.í



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Iím not sure what youíre going to do with that information, but Iím going back to bed.Hopefully my issue passes quickly.


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