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Random Thoughts Ė November 2022


I had a lot of time to think this week lying in bed recovering from an unexpected infection.Iím fine now, but all that quiet-time had me pondering a whole bunch of random thoughts.


    Why do some people still refuse to turn their video cameras on when they videoconference from the office?They donít want people to see what they look like, yet they commuted all the way into the office and are sitting there out in the open.If they were home sick and wanted to be voice only Iíd get that, but in the office dozens of people have already seen them.Itís never made any sense to me

    There are precious few of us left who remember what Felix Unger day is and fewer still who celebrate it every year.Itís just a shame:

    Why do the hotels and airlines always want to sell me miles?†† They know Iíve sworn-off the miles and points game.Itís like they canít understand why no-one wants to buy the dirt flavored candyÖ..

    There have already been so many black Friday deals emailed to me that Iím sure thereíll be nothing left thatís really on sale by that day after Thanksgiving.Unless Ė and hear me out here Ė maybe none of the junk is really on sale to begin withÖ.

    Hypothetically speaking, if a terrible resort whoís name I canít mention made good on a refund combined with an NDA Iíd definitely take it and never use their name again Ė hypothetically speaking of course Ė itís just how I might act.

    Also hypothetically speaking, if that refund came through on a credit card that I stopped using because they refused to find in favor of the cardholder on an obvious case of being wronged, they should hypothetically feel stupid and shamed for losing the business over a wrong decision that was eventually corrected.But they wouldnít as they obviously donít really care whatís in your wallet -- hypothetically.





For those of you in the US celebrating, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family!









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