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NOT Traveling Blog, 1st Week Of January 2021

David Danto’s ongoing list of disjointed and occasionally random observations and thoughts as we wait-out the pandemic – mostly NOT traveling like we used to. 


 IT’S OVER!!!!! Good riddance to 2020, the worst year in most of our lifetimes.  If 2020 was a car it would be a Pinto, if it was a ship it would be the Titanic, if it was a casino, it’d be Trump Plaza (and you can make many arguments that it actually was that last one.)  Many people did not survive it, and those that did are – at best – still struggling with pandemic-related side-effects. 

As we look toward this New Year – 2021 – I thought it would be a kind and helpful idea to write out some resolutions for people and organizations that might be too pre-occupied or too busy to do it themselves – you know…a public service sort of thingy.  I won’t even charge for them.  Everyone can feel free to use them as if they came-up with the list themselves.


·      For Government Representatives:

1. We resolve to stop looking at ideas we did not come up with as “bad,” and to realize that we’ve been sent to our jobs to help people, not obstruct others that are trying to help.

2. We resolve to stop profiting from our public service in manners that jeopardize our objectivity.

3. We resolve to let experts dictate policy around climate, health, education and all other fields where an expert opinion is exceptionally more valuable than a political one.

4. We resolve to finally remove the inherent biases from public safety organizations.


·      For Airlines:

1. We resolve to stop telling people that “flying is safe” at times when it clearly isn’t, whether because of a poorly designed plane, a pandemic, or any other reason.  From now on we’ll only say things are safe when they actually are.

2. We resolve to stop treating coach passengers as if they were cattle.  We’re resolve to make our coach seats and areas bigger and roomier simply because it is the right thing to do.

3. We resolve to stop lying to everyone.

4. We resolve to provide refunds as quickly as we collect fares.

5. We resolve to again realize that we are in a service industry and that our mission is to provide excellent service.  We resolve to again be able to see the connection between the quality of our service experience and our success.  


·      For Hotels And Resorts:

1. We resolve to stop charging automatic “resort fees” that supposedly cover the cost for unneeded service, but are actually just ways to gouge customers with added fees.

2. We resolve to stop putting shared toiletries in our bathrooms, and instead will just keep some in stock behind the front desk if anyone needs.

3. We resolve to design bathrooms with a nightlight and with enough surface areas to actually put a few things down somewhere.


·      For The Cruise Ship Industry:

1. We resolve to admit defeat, get rid of our floating petri-dishes, and just go away quietly.


·      For Everyone:

1. We resolve to FINALLY understand the difference between facts and opinions.

2. We resolve to wear a freaking mask the next time someone asks us to, if for no other reason than as a simple courtesy.

3. We resolve to stop buying toilet paper in bulk for no reason at all.

4. We resolve to subscribe to and actually read a local newspaper, or a national edition of a large one that has objective news coverage.  (The Washington Post would be a good start in the US if you no-longer have an objective local newspaper.)

5. We resolve to get behind The Golden Rule.


Actually, you can probably omit all of the resolutions above except that last one.  The Golden Rule just about covers everything else on the list all by itself. 

Good riddance to the dumpster-fire that 2020 was, and Happy New Year 2021!




As always, please feel free to write to me with comments or items I should add to a future Not Traveling blog (or if you just need someone to write to.)  Stay safe, be well, hug those you’re sheltering with (but no one else) and do your best to stay positive.  We’re going to be in this for a while longer. 

This article was written by David Danto and contains solely his own, personal opinions.

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The Explanation for my Not Traveling blogs:  In 2014 I was voted by USA Today readers as one of the top ten business travel bloggers in the USA.   Now mind you, I turned out to be number ten on the list of ten, but I did make it on (with my thanks to all those who voted.)   Now that we’re all stuck at home and not traveling, I had to think about what to do with my blogs.  I could stop writing them entirely – waiting till we all get through the current COVID19 pandemic / crisis.  I could wax nostalgic and/or complain about past trips.  Or, I could focus all of my efforts on my day job – growing the use of collaboration technologies – especially in light of how many people are now forced to use those tools for the first time.  In reflecting upon those choices, what I decided to do is compile an ongoing list of observations during the crisis.  Some of these may amuse, some may inform, some may sadden and others may help.  My goal will be for you to have seen something in a different light than you did before you stopped to read the blog.  I was going to apologize for how disjointed these thoughts may seem when put together, but then it dawned on me that feeling disjointed is our new normal – at least for a little while.