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Leaving Las Vegas – January 2024


  My last few blogs have mostly been about Las Vegas.  I wrote about the new Sphere, and about how the town is getting harder to navigate, and about the recently concluded CES conference.  Before I leave the Las Vegas topic for a while, I wanted to get one more blog in about arrogance.

The prior existing properties in Vegas have been raising prices, eliminating customer-friendly services and doing whatever they can to squeeze more cash from the throngs of visitors.  As long as the throngs keep coming and tolerating the new, sub-par treatment, the establishments will continue cutting and squeezing.  None of that is a surprise.

What was surprising to me was the arrogance of some of the newer properties to open.  They have no history of being customer friendly at any point, they just opened-up already snooty.  I first saw this at the newer Resorts World complex, where the self-service food court had the gall to ask for tips on the kiosks.  Really?  I’m taking my own orders yet you want me to tip you for me providing myself my own service?  It takes a special level of arrogance to even come-up-with that as an idea.

The newest property to open in Vegas is the Fontainebleau.  It is gorgeous, and it is wayyyy over the top in arrogance.

Fontainebleau Lobby and Casino

I stopped by there during CES to get a sense of it (as I do at all new properties) and the “we’re better than you are” feeling was dripping from walls at every interaction.  I was relieved to read this article from a local who picked-up the exact same vibe for the exact same reasons.  When a casino is too arrogant to “tier-match” to bring in business, that tells you they’re not going to be friendly to customers anywhere.  This is reinforced by this recent social media post where someone paid $24 and waited an hour to get a plate of s-i-x nachos at one of their restaurants.  When I stopped by there it just so happened that a friend of mine was across the street at the Las Vegas Convention Center’s new West Hall.  Stunningly, there was no way for her to walk across the street to get to me, or for me to drive across the street to pick her up.  We wound-up meeting at the Westgate (former Las Vegas Hilton) as there was at least a place there where I could pull-over and wait for her.

It's one thing for existing firms to ride the tide of increase costs and decreased services as the market changes.  It’s yet another for new entities to come along and just arrogantly gouge as if people don’t care.  Trust me, they do.  Without an established clientele, and with apparently no desire to build one up, the Fontainebleau is in for a load of headwinds.  This historically jinxed property doesn’t seem to be changing its luck.



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OK – as the title implies, no more Vegas blogs for a while.  My next three business trips are to Florida, which isn’t my favorite place, but that’s where the events I’m attending are. 




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