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FREE! Ė November 2023


Freebie Images - Free Download on FreepikMy plane tickets and show tickets are not free. Actually, lately, they are VERY not free.But there are still a number of free entertainment opportunities that you may not be aware of.Here is a list of a few of them.

   The people at LasVegasAdvisor.com have just published a list of 100 free things to do in Las Vegas.I knew of most of them, but learned a few things as well.Itís definitely worth checking out and printing for your next trip to Vegas.

   I have enjoyed watching a number of television shows being taped over the years, including attending The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this past week.I am registered with the firms that manage free audiences for many of these shows.One of them is 1iota.Another one is On-Camera-Audiences.Sometimes you can request to attend a specific show right on their website, sometimes you can only sign-up for their mailing or waiting lists.Just be careful NOT to take pictures of the show from the audience Ė they tend to get very angry at people who do that.Donít be fooled by paid stage versions of gameshows Ė those are just to make money from attendees like any other stage show.

   Not free but very discounted are the Broadway tickets available to members of the Theater Development Fund.You have to pay an annual fee (under $50 I think) and you have to be a member of one of their supported groups (teachers, union members, performing arts professionals, and many more categories.)When tickets become available, they are usually listed for up to 70% off of face-value prices.Check them out at TDF.org.I saw the return of Spamalot in previews this past week thanks to TDF.



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If you have any free or very discounted experiences I should include on my list just shoot me an email and Iíll update this blog.




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